About Noodleman

Itís all storytelling, isnít it?

That Powerpoint presentation? The commercial on TV? The music on your player? That billboard passing by? Even this Web site?

Each tells a story.

I want to be your storyteller.

I can help you tell the world your story, and package it, so other people can see it, read it, use it, EXPERIENCE it. Because the Web is more than just a book, or a movie, or a song, or a billboard. The Web is all of those things -- and more -- rolled together.

With apologies to Baker and Greene, your site will need:

  1. A focus;
  2. Well-developed content;
  3. Appealing presentation;
  4. Ease of comprehension;
  5. And be appropriate for your target market.

Perhaps, your current site just needs an embellishment, or some refinement? Or you want to start again from the ground up? Perhaps, itís a branch of another, larger legacy site? I can work with that, too. Among the implements Iíll use to produce your site are HTML, CSS, SEO, PHP, and other acronymic Web development tools. Photoshop, WordPress customization, and Javascript debugging are all also within my realm of Web storytelling abilities.